Guys and Earrings: a Radiantly Macho Pattern

Posted by Natalia Oginni on May 20th 2017

Males wearing earrings highlight sexuality without sacrificing masculinity. Used either on one earlobe or both, it makes a male look more trendy and cool. Whether they be diamond, gold, silver, or pla … read more

​A Brief History of the Wristwatch

Posted by Chuck Anya on May 20th 2017

It is stated that it was a housekeeper who developed wrist watches at around completion of the 19th century, who fixed a clock around her wrist by using a silk bracelet. The very first watches to be m … read more

​Fashion Jewelry: Ways to Familiarize Yourself with It

Posted by Chuck Anya on May 7th 2017

Have an interest in upgrading your look, style wise? If you do, your very first thought might be to purchase a brand new closet. While brand new clothes are an excellent way to update your style, did … read more

​Necklace -The Appeal Of

Posted by Natalia Oginni on May 7th 2017

History takes a look at a necklace as a seductive piece of fashion jewelry and it has been thought to bring in attention to the cleavage of women. The Italians wore them with pendants that were h … read more

​Take care of Your Jewelry With These Tips

Posted by Chuck Anya on May 7th 2017

If you have special and valuable pieces of precious jewelry, looking after them properly is necessary. Caring for your precious jewelry can result in longevity, and assist it to maintain its valu … read more