Should You Dump Your Desktop for a Laptop?

Posted by Chuck Anya on May 20th 2017

As you know with the many technology advances we have actually seen in recent years, notebooks are now very affordable.  The term laptop and notebook are used interchangeably.

Would you be shocked to realize that today, a laptop is just as effective and powerful as a desktop?

So as you take a look at that big desktop taking up all the desk space, why not consider a notebook computer?

Notebooks can quickly be utilized as replacements for home desktop computers. Most of them fit into a docking station that hook them up to much larger screens, power materials and bigger keyboards and mice. A docking station in your home or in the office is a fantastic benefit.  Most laptops these days do not require a docking station to take advantage of the extra accessories.

Technology has actually made notebooks smaller sized, more powerful and a lot more budget friendly today than even a year ago. You can expect to find a solid, reputable notebook for well under $1,000, with fully-featured models listing out for under $2,000.

There are two classes of notebooks. Notebooks with 12 or 14 inch screens are standard-sized. Smaller sized notebooks those with 9 and 10 inch screens and weighing around 2 pounds are called ultra portables. Ultra portable notebooks usually have smaller sized keyboards, don't have built-in CD or DVD drives and hard disk drives that usually have 20 to 40 MB capabilities

Other than size, there are no other substantial differences in between a laptop and notebook so if you wish to utilize the exact same term for both, nobody is going to quibble with you.